Company profile

Shenzhen Xinhengji Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The company is committed to improving power quality and is committed to over-current processing of neutral current. The main products include: neutral current canceller, neutral current blocker, zero-line harmonic current blocker. Etc. to improve the quality of power. Eliminate zero-line overcurrent is a national manufacturer and service provider of zero-line overcurrent products. The company's main products include: market zero line current eliminator, LED display, LED lighting and lighting engineering, machine room, battery volume testing equipment, switching power supply aging, virtual mines and other places to develop target products, locations and some of the world's top 500 companies A large number of applications. Its performance has been widely recognized throughout the country, Hong Kong and Macao.

The company's main service is like modern commercial power. The purpose is to ensure the safety of commercial power and the quality of electricity. Active and magnetic filters provide comprehensive and superior solutions for a variety of applications and areas of commercial power.

“All future industries will serve humanity in the form of intelligence, and quality power quality and safety are the foundation of smart grids”. "Customers who provide customers with high quality and excellent service" are the eternal promise of "New Henderson Electric".

The company's goal is "five for": to provide customers with quality products and services; to bring happiness to employees; to create performance for the company; to win returns for shareholders; to contribute to society.

Company goal: Eliminate zero line current, reduce power loss and purify power quality.

Company justice: honesty, innovation and development, mutual benefit


Dear New Henderson User

Thank you very much for using our products, we also provide you with high quality and quality products, we will be happy to provide you with professional and comprehensive after-sales service. New Henderson Electric Co., Ltd. is located in power quality zero line current elimination, harmonic processing product manufacturers and technical service providers.

Good service is the promise of New Henderson Electric. The company promises that the product will be sold for free for 24 months in three months. The product quality terms and conditions after sale are as follows:

1) The equipment provided by the company will provide 24 months of free warranty and maintenance, and calculate the time from the final acceptance date of the product.

2) Any damage or damage caused by the quality of the equipment will be sent to our technicians for repair or replacement free of charge during the warranty period.

3) After the end of the warranty period, the maintenance personnel will conduct comprehensive on-site inspection to the provided filter compensator and its supporting equipment, and any fault will be maintained and maintained.

4) After the repair is completed, our company should report the cause of the failure, repair measures, repair time and repair time to normal users. There are two reports.

5) Our company is committed to lifelong service. After the warranty period expires, we will execute the contract according to the maintenance contract.